Togus VAMC Paving

This project entailed providing all labor, parts and equipment to resurface and repave a 1660 ft. long section of roadway on the VA Maine Healthcare System Campus. During the course of the pavement grinding it was discovered that pavement depths were not as indicated in the original SOW, specifications were changed and pavement was removed to the sub-base and regraded to address drainage issues. The integrity of the drainage gates at the entrance area was also found to be insufficient and additional paving was performed to address the issue. All work was performed per Maine DOT standard and scheduled to accommodate traffic without interference of daily campus activity.

Project Details

  • Existing asphalt was milled and grinding depth was adjusted due to
    variable existing pavement depths
  • Altered SOW required full pavement removal with excavator to subbase,
    area was surveyed and sub-base regraded for positive drainage
    & vibratory compacted, area was repaved with 3″ of binder course and
    2″ of wearing course
  • Width of road was adjusted from original SOW from 23′ to 24′
  • The intersection of the entrance road and Route 17 pavement was saw
    cut to have a clean edge for pavement removal, area was repaved with
Company: Lander Group, LLC
Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs
Year: 2018
Location: Togus VA Hospital, Augusta, ME