CT Scan Preparations – Togus VAMC

Design build for canopy structure over existing ADA ramp entrance to building 209, including existing ramp modifications; added concrete ramp extensions and aluminum railing reconfiguration. Specialized canopy coverings to match existing canopies on-site; included side panels and lighting to accommodate for a CT Scan Mobile Coach Services.

Project Details

  • Engineered Service Design including the metal frame & support structures
  • Maintained signage, barriers, traffic control, dust control, environmental
    contingency plans, daily project reporting, weekly meetings and project
  • Managed QC testing and ground bearing capacity testing
  • Performed Site Preparation, Dig Safe Prep and Safety Plan/QAQC
  • Bored and poured cast-in-place concrete support pillars
  • Completed ground prep and cast-in-place ramp extensions
  • Removed existing parking lot light pole and installed LED strip lights to
    illuminate new covered structure and parking area.
  • Erected and welded the fabricated metal structure – primed and painted
  • Reconfigured and welded aluminum railing
  • Installed Pre- constraint Ferrari 502 fabric side panels over and around
  • Painted concrete pillars and installed base covers
  • Landscaped area including: loam, seed and crushed stone
Company: Lander Group, LLC
Owner: Veteran Administration
Year: 2013-2015
Location: Togus VA Hospital, Building 209, Augusta, ME