Replace Failed Culvert – Togus

The work included all design, permitting, demolition, and construction of the roadway to include a new concrete box culvert to replace the failed corrugated steel culvert. The roadway was reconstructed to similar nominal dimensions and maintains the original stream flows underneath the roadway. Guardrails and asphalt road were replaced. The design and construction of the new concrete box culvert and the reconstruction of the roadway is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, Local, and VA regulations.

Project Details

  • Engineered Services Design, Permits, QC testing, and Boring Tests
  • Site Preparation, Dig Safe Prep, Safety Plan/QAQC Implementation,
    set up environmental controls
  • Installed temporary coffer dams and specialized de-watering
  • Removed existing HMA and corrugated culvert
  • Maintained signage, barriers, traffic control, dust control, environmental
    contingency plans, daily project reporting, weekly meetings and
    project scheduling
  • Built forms, installed epoxy coated rebar according to engineer design,
    cast-in-place concrete, QC testing for box culvert footers
  • Installed pre-fab box culvert, three sections and implemented a crane
    lifting plan
  • Installed wing walls, backfill, placement of rip-rap, removed temp.
    coffer dams, installed MDOT guardrails, completed road prep,
    HMA binder placement and winter stabilization of disturbed areas
Company: Lander Group, LLC
Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs, NCA Contracting Service
Year: 2016-2017
Location: Togus VA Hospital, Augusta, ME