Building 542 Apron Replacement – Rehabilitation of Pavement (Phase III)

Lander Group performed demolition to the PCC apron in front of Building 542, a fuel tank maintenance hanger. Saw-cutting had to take place next to and 10 ft. away from the building to relieve existing PCC from and prevent further damage to the building foundation. Demolition of the 14” PCC was performed as well as installation of a Conduit Ductbank for a fiber optic upgrade. Ledge was encountered and removed. The shoulders were expanded and material was brought to sub-grade and compacted. Loam was spread over the disturbed
area and the area was hydro-seeded.

Project Details
Lander Group Activities included:

  • Demolition of Concrete Apron
  • Saw-cut concrete apron to relieve pressure on hanger
  • Installed Fiber Conduit Ductbank encased in concrete
  • Expanded shoulders
  • Brought material to sub-grade and compacted
  • Removed Ledge
  • Loamed and hydro-seeded area
Company: Lander Group, LLC
Owner: Maine Air National Guard
Year: 2009
Location: Bangor, Maine